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Thread: Volunteers

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    I have volunteered now and for me the ODBII is the biggest thing I want to work on. Reason being is that I want to see just how much I can access through this. For years I have wanted to interface into the vehicle and be able to do things from the computer and/or a remote. Found out pretty much everything in my truck is tied into the BCM so I really want to play with this some. I have experience in reverse engineering lab equipment to tie a computer to stuff that wasn't intended so as long as I have the right interface I can probably figure out most things but of course any documentation means that much less I have to engineer.

    I have experience in various languages.. You name it I probably have been at least trained in it. Currently I am working on a couple of degrees and will be looking to extend this project as much as I can to show what I am capable of.

    Since I was just recently introduced to C# the learning curve will be there for me but I am sure I will be able to contribute once I understand how things work. This should be a great way for me to solidify my C# knowledge as well so I am looking forward to it.

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    Welcome aboard sir!

    You're planning the same as I have planned for my car. I want to tap into the internal can bus in the car to be able to talk to the display in the instrument cluster (the original nav unit does this) in the same manner (or an extended manner) as the original equipment does.

    So I think we might benefit of each others work!

    Btw: There's already some obdII support in OM via a few different projects. JHeizer has more info on this.
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