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Thread: Some art I created

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    Some art I created

    Hi guys,

    I started working on a similar project, C# front end for car-pc, but stopped when I saw this one.

    Here is the art I came up with, if anyone wants to use it, I like the look of it.

    But its yours to do with what you want. If you require original PSD's let me know

    Name:  dashpc.png
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Size:  494.9 KB

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    I like it.
    You should wait until some more of the framework is finished and then create this skin for the software.
    Also, do take into consideration that there is much more to a theme than just the home screen, there are many pages, images and buttons that need to be created for a skin. But keep up the good work, develop the functionality of it, and it could be good.

    The way the openMobile Original Skin, and my personal Green Theme is created, the way the software is actually designed is to have the four corners ALWAYS serve the same purpose: top left is volume, top right is home, bottom right is back, bottom left is media controls. this way, no matter what screen you are on, you hit that corner, and you will always get the same function. strong end-user functionality.
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    nice and clean and has that WMP look to the buttons, i like it mate!

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    Looks pretty cool...there is a skin designer floating around if you want to mock something up.

    Quote Originally Posted by metalla View Post
    I started working on a similar project, C# front end for car-pc, but stopped when I saw this one.
    Well having read that, any chance you would be interested in helping out with the project? (Volunteers thread)

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