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Thread: What is it and where is it?

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    What is it and where is it?

    So, I was just looking at this forum and went looking for openmobile. Googling turned up many, many, many things none of which were what I presume is *this* openmobile.

    Perhaps someone could post a stciky thread in this forum with a short explanation of what openmobile is and a link to its website?

    Gary (-;
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    here is the sourceforge:
    latest version is on there

    here is the original thread, which includes alot of information about it:

    and here is the features list thread: Want List | Requested Features

    hope that helps
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    It was also linked to in my sig in the thread you posted in

    But yea long story short its a brand new front end, fully modular, runs on linux, windows or mac.

    More technical stuff is on the wiki:

    Particularly the developers section:

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