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Thread: OpenMobile Released (11/27/09)

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    Wow this starts very fast

    After a little while I was able to play Salvia Ladies and Gentlemen and it rocked.

    One question:
    I had a crash right off because the program was trying to write to program files and of course I have the security options at default so my question is...What's it going to take to get this application to use mysettings? Money? Time? I have neither sorry.

    I ended up re-installing to a new folder my documents/om/ and the media player worked.

    Wow this is fast stuff. I'm going to experiment more with it.
    Good Luck
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    Yea that issue will be fixed in 0.6 (the database is moved to the user settings folder)...but for now right click the exe and select run as administrator (or just move the installation folder like you found out).

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