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Thread: Integration Re-Defined

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borte View Post
    The integration between the browser and OM is really cool! It sure opens up for a much better user experience. Forget poi updates.... google is way better at that!

    Offtopic: is GMPC locked against a gps from garmin or can it use any usb gps?
    I know i've seen it working with any GPS, but I can't remember if thats a patch you download or if it does that out of the box.

    Quote Originally Posted by ioi8 View Post
    What I would like to see if a single location to configure and modify the core FE, add-ins, skins, etc... in a single location. To me, it would make sense if all the configuration was done in a single location and let the FE handle it, instead of letting each plugin handle their own customizations.

    How this could be handled is by each plugin/app using 2x XML files. The first XML file is the settings.xml file where the plugin app reads its configured settings. The second XML file is for the FE to read and to show the user what to configure.

    To show an example, lets use an audio player plugin. The first XML file would be the configure XML file and it would have things like default music directory, color and skinning info, and what to play on first load up.

    The second XML file would be for the FE. The default music directory would be a browse button + label to show path. The color choices could be radio buttons, check boxes, list box.... etc.

    <configureform name="defaultpath" type="browse" text="browse" />

    <configureform name="defaultcolor" type="radio" text="Choose your color scheme:">
    <option text="blue" value="blue">
    <option text="red" value="red">
    <option text="green" value="green">

    Whats great about this approach is that plugin devs can now offer more customization options using this. Also, the XML files do not need to specify X/Y values for the form elements as the FE will automatically format and parse the form elements and make it suitable for whatever sized screen.

    What do you think? I have yet to see a FE take this approach. And since you yourself have used Joomla CME, I think you know what I mean about seperating the plugin like this.
    Well we already offer centralized settings ( We have a strict no config file policy, instead settings are stored in a central sqlite database. At the moment we don't have dynamic layouts like your referring to but the settings menus are dynamically generated based on the needs of each of the plugins (which do their own layouts). That might have been a bit confusing so if you need me to elaborate just ask

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    Quote Originally Posted by justchat_1 View Post
    I know i've seen it working with any GPS, but I can't remember if thats a patch you download or if it does that out of the box.
    The software only version will work with any NMEA compatible receiver. the catch with it tho, is that it can only be used on one computer. So to install on multiple computers, u must deregister it before installing. The version that come with the receivers allows you to install it as many times on any computer, but it will only work with the designated receiver that came with the purchase. I use the 20x usb receiver that comes with GMPC. Hasn't failed me yet; but Im almost positive the BU-353 can be used with the software only version.

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