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Thread: ODBII Interface

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    ODBII Interface

    Hey Guys, great front end! I am very impressed with what I have been seeing. I own a company that does Home Automation and carputers are not far off from what we do in a home. Hence my extreme interest in building one. I have already decided to use Open Mobile, I am just working on my equipment list.

    My question is what OBDII interface do I need? I will be installing the system in my 2004 F150.

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    Well i'll start off with a warning that openMobile OBDII support is not finished yet...

    That said, when it is finished (~a month or so) you will be able to use any obdII hardware you want. ELM based hardware will be first but really any hardware should work.

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    Thanks. It will probably be at least a month to I get things together and ready to start the install itself. So I can wait for the OBD support.

    I googled ELM and see that they only make the chip. Any recommendations as to which third party company? I don't won't junk.

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    Get the OBDLink
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    Quote Originally Posted by malcom2073 View Post

    Get the OBDLink
    or yanno...
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