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Thread: OM Install help and a couple other Qs

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    OM Install help and a couple other Qs

    I've had my new system on the bench for a couple weeks now waiting on OM 0.8. I got impatient and thought I would just give OM 0.7 a try, but it doesn't seem to install correctly. The list of plugins on install was blank, but I installed anyway. On startup, I get a message "openmobile has stopped working."

    I'm running Windows 7 64bit on an ASUS AT5IONT-I with 2GB Ram, Opus 320W PS, Corsair 80GB SSD, Lilliput 669GL HB Screen. I've updated all drivers to the most current. Any ideas why its failing?

    I'm going to be installing this in an RV. I plan to send the 2nd HDMI output through a HDMI to composite video converter to a Pyle 22" flip down monitor. I'd like to send the DVD/TV/Video playback the the large screen, while keeping the controls for it on my touchscreen. Is this currently possible?

    I want it to also have 5.1 channel surround sound. I intend to use the analog audio outputs to two 41hz Amp9 4 channel amps. Will the use of the front end affect the ability to have surround sound?

    I saw on another post that the OM bluetooth module wasn't ready yet. But I assume that bluetooth pairing with a phone is cuurently built in. Is that right?

    Thanks for the help. Really looking forward to OM 0.8!

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    The 0.7 plugins were taken down and replaced with the 0.8 plugins... the crash is from trying to run openMobile without a skin. Check back tomorrow...


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