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Thread: approved hardware list?

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    approved hardware list?

    I was wondering if there's an approved hardware list or if it will work with generic no brand name stuff too? I've been looking on ebay for usb fm tuners and usb tv ota tuners and was wondering if OM would automatically detect it for use once drivers are installed or how would device detection in OM work?

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    All tuner hardware requires plugins...quite a few exist already but I have no idea if it any work with no brand stuff. I would really recommend you google around-no brand stuff usually has such horrible reception its not worth it.

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    I think as far as AM/FM, the best option would be to find the proper visteon or directed tuners that work with the MitchJS cable. You'll be much happier, reception wise, using a tuner that was actually designed for use in a car.
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