Another month down....another monthly update. The theme for this month can be summed up with two words-performance and stability.

Total Bugs fixed since 0.8: 64
Total Code Commits since 0.8: 137
Major New Features Added: 14

Whats New:
Brand new OMPlayer Version 2:
  • Supports new Vista and windows 7 multimedia capabilities
  • Fixes mp3 playback glitches never patched by microsoft
  • Adds support for DRM and HDCP Playback [vista+]
  • Adds support for DXVA2 (fully hardware accelerated video playback-lower CPU usage then VLC or winamp when playing back movies) [vista+]

Improved Linux Support:
  • Linux Hal now supports KDE
  • Linux Dependency Installer
  • - Handles dependency downloading and installation using a variety of package managers
  • - Configures File Associations, Mime Types, Shortcuts and Menu items

Major Optimization:
0.8 was kind of a vista type release..a lot of new functionality but not fully refined until the next release.
  • Reduced memory footprint by almost 10%
  • Reduced startup time by 48%
  • Platform specific builds are optimized for the target platform
  • Brand new self-managed consolidated thread-pool removes almost all task latency
  • Over 50 profiling runs to eliminate slow spots

  • 0.8 display framework initialization: 30ms
  • 0.9 display framework initialization: 5ms
  • 0.8 device framework initialization (3 drives): 700ms
  • 0.9 device framework initialization (3 drives): 11ms
  • 0.8 full startup and plugin initialization (15plugins): 2.3sec
  • 0.9 full startup and plugin initialization (15plugins): 1.2sec

Stability Improvements:
  • Brand new Plugin Guidelines
  • All plugins tweaked to follow the plugin guidelines...speeding them up and eliminating any potential stability issues
  • Refactored entire framework into 4 libraries-Framework, Graphics, WindowsAudio and VistaAudio and digitally signed all of them (speeds up startup and prevents version inconsistencies)

New Projects:
  • OM Optimizer completed and included with installer-compiles the framework into native code on installation)
  • DPYTraffic - Yahoo Traffic Data Provider

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