One of the questions performance enthusiasts usually ask is how to make the front end even snappier. For those of you where every millisecond counts we've created this quick guide to speeding things up.

In order of effectiveness:

Disable Enhanced Graphics
Navigate to Settings-> General Settings and check the Disable Enhanced Graphics checkbox. This does not in any way decrease graphics performance but instead disables animations and transitions which can make things appear slower.

Set Up Your Zones*
Set each zones mouse and/or keyboard to the specific device instead of the default. This enables the new zero latency input framework.

Run the OM Optimizer*
The OM Optimizer.exe located in the OpenMobile/Tools/ folder can be run to precompile and optimize OpenMobile and its supporting libraries. This significantly reduces startup time for users who cold start their computer frequently.

Disable Indexing on Startup
Indexing on every startup requires system resources and can slow down startup times slightly. Enabling indexing only when new music has been added can reduce this problem.

Remove unused plugins
Every plugin takes up resources while loaded. In order to minimize resource usage, uninstall these unneeded plugins.

Typical panel transition time with the above settings is <4ms. That means 4/1000's of a second from your finger leaving the screen, the new panel is already being displayed.

*These items require OM 0.9 or higher