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Thread: ECUTracker embeded in OpenMobile

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    ECUTracker embeded in OpenMobile

    Just thought anybody using Open Mobile might be interested to know that ECUTracker SE(I'm the Author) appears to work when used with the EmbedApp plugin in XP. I have not yet tried it in Linux though.

    ECUTracker is a multiplatform ECU Display App. It runs on J2ME Mobile Phones, Full Java Desktop/Laptops, and soon Android Phones. I know that OpenMobile has plans for an OBD plugin. The thing ECUTracker provides that few others do is support for the Subaru SSM protocol as well as the common ELM modules. The Innovate LC1 also works.

    Steps I used:
    • Download and Install ECUTracker SE (
    • Setup ECUTracker to your liking via it's web based online setup. Keep it simple to start by creating only 1 profile. I own a Subaru, so I used an SSM protocol based profile.
    • Download and save the configuration XML file to your ECUTracker install. Name it something like "carpc.xml" or what ever you like
    • Edit the settings.ini file. set the following values. Use these values as there are outstanding bugs if you change the window.type value, or window.layout value.
    • Set the device.filename to your downloaded XML file
    • Modify the profile.0 values to reflect your hardware. If you created more than one profile in the online config, you'll need an entry for each profile.
    • At this point, launch ECUTracker by its self to see if it can correctly start, and connect to your ECU. If you are having trouble, you can start ECUTracker with debugging output from the command line with
      java -jar ECUTrackerSE.jar --debug --logging
      or to output to a file
      java -jar ECUTrackerSE.jar --debug --logging > output.txt
    • Within the OpenMobile EmbedApp1 settings, set it to launch the ECUTrackerSE.jar. Yes, the .jar file NOT the .exe file. Since the .exe is just a utility to launch Java and quit, OpenMobile seems to have trouble tracking down the correct app to grab and embed.
    • Assign ECUTracker to one of the front screen buttons
    • Launch It! A small 400x350 window will pop up for about 3 seconds. Then, after this short time, OpenMobile will (should) grab the window, resize it and embed it into it's main window.
    • Control ECUTracker with your mouse/touch screen by pressing in the center for the main menu; press left & right sides to change pages; press the top and botton to change day/night color modes.
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    This is fantastic news!! I just tried OM last night, although it could do with some skinning, knowing this works will be awesome

    Thanks mate!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Skidd View Post
    I have not yet tried it in Linux though.
    I'm waiting for the AppEmbedder developer to update the plugins but....

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