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Thread: We need YOUR input

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    This could be cool. Especially if you have like a 5 star rating.. You could make 0 stars no play and a 5 star plays more often... With 1 playing every so often etc...

    And you could adjust your stars as you go with a 3 being the default...

    Something like this would be great if you have 100-200 songs but might make some of the lower rated songs seldom ever play if you have say 1000 or more songs. Of course in those cases those 1000 songs would seldom be repeated anyhow in a totally random mix.

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    A long time ago when I was working on an Android skin for OM (abandoned now), I made the music player incorporate a 5 star rating system. It was weighted based on a percentage system. Basically, the lower the star rating, the less percentage a song had of playing and vice versa. It was rather simple to make work overall and worked really well. It would def. be a really good idea to get this going again for our current player.
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    Yeah, if I could add a postscript to this; the star rating system is great but I dont know how practical for when you're on the road at speed. To clarify I was suggesting a "skip this song and exclude for next time" option with a single button press. That's not to say you fellows don't have better ideas.

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    Well if you can show a recent play history since the player was started it would make it easy to rate those songs as you sit at a light... Or a thumbs up, thumbs down to move 1 spot up or down and a circle with bar through it to say don't play. That would work and be easy while driving especially with a recent history.


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    Great input for how it should work here, it's appreciated and will be taken into account during development.

    But what about some design ideas? Any good, simple and clean ideas there?
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    These are just my ideas, in no particular order......

    I like the cover flow style, showing, of course, the tracks in the current playlist. The controls popping up from the bottom work fine for me.

    I know it was a very early version I played with, but I found that flicking through the tracks, I would accidentally get it playing a different track. So, if touching the centered cover art triggers "Play" it might be too sensitive. When you make an "aggressive" flick, and the covers are moving quick, and you want to stop it, touching it stops it but it might just start playing that song. Which might be okay sometimes, but if it's not the song you wish to hear, because you didn't happen to stop it at the correct track, I have now stopped the song I am still listening to, and now listening to one I didn't want to hear.

    I'm okay with needing to touch the "Play" button to make it start playing the currently centered cover art.

    Next/Prev/Play/Pause should be in the popup media control bar (as it is now), plus other controls (mentioned below).

    I would like to see large enough text so I can more easily tell what track is being represented by the cover art (my old eyes ;-) ). And I have previously made it known that I would like an alphabetic index control that would let me quickly jump to tracks (or artists, or albums) that begin with certain letters. This could be integrated into the same playback controls that pop up from the bottom. Maybe a slider of sorts with some letters indicating where in the alphabet you are jumping to.

    Could also set some sort of gesture to quickly switch the displayed sort order between track, artist, album, rating. Another gesture to switch to another playlist.

    When using a playlist that is set to Random/Shuffle, the cover flow should display the artwork in the selected Random order, making it easier to see what was played and what is coming up (going back to when we discussed the player remember last tracks so if we wanted to hear a song again it would not be lost).

    The thumbs-up / thumbs-down could also be added to the media controls pop-up. It's okay if the pop-up takes up 1/4 or 1/3 of the screen while popped up. The popup should retract by itself after a time-out period. The user should also be able to make it retract.

    There should be the option in the popup to add the current track to a playlist. A list of playlists (and a 'New' button) is then shown. There should be the option to remove the current track from the current playlist (except the default 'All' playlist).

    Sorry if I rambled and if the items are not in a logical order. But I hope my ideas came across properly.
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