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Thread: Good news. Bad news.

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    Good news. Bad news.

    As things have been progressing, it has become increasingly apparent that working with dotNet 3.5 was not sustainable. Combine that with the fact that some of the open source stuff we have leveraged is dotNet 4 and some dotNet 3.5, we have had to pause development to rework a few things so that these things play nicely together.

    We're not sure if this means days, weeks, or a couple months, but it will take a little bit of time.

    Hopefully folks can be patient.

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    You are saying that Open Mobile is moving to .net 4?

    I think this is a good move and will help smooth stuff out later. And the Linux version of .net is mostly compatible with it as well.

    Guess I need to get back to the development site so I can see what is going on...


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