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Thread: media center 2005 and videos.

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    media center 2005 and videos.

    I installed windows xp media center 2005 on my carpc. When I go into the media center software that I go to my videos. I the folder where I have my videos and it shows me the thumbnails of all the videos, but when I click on one it gives me an error saying cannot playback. I installed and update "rollup 2" and now when i go to watch a video in media center it tells me that it finished and if i want to delete it or exit and such. When I try viewing the video file on regular windows media player it works fine. I remember I had this problem on another computer and there was a fix too it i just don't remember. do any of u know?

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    You have to install DVD player software
    (Power DVD, Nero...etc) to enable playback

    Hope that helps

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