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Thread: Booting off a SSD

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    Booting off a SSD

    Is anyone using a Solid State Drive for their OS? I was thinking about doing it and was wondering if anyone has?

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    there's a very long very informative thread about this already.

    I'd suggest you search for it.

    there, I searched for you.
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    Yes people have. There are many many threads about this. Compact flash, USB thumbdrive, to those 2.5" adapters that take 8 MMC cards. It has been done.

    edit: Red beat me to it!!!!
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    Hi All

    Anyone else running Samsung SSD?. I`m using the 16GB Samsung MC8DE16G5APP-0XA00 Solid State Drive, 2.5" IDE (PATA) on a VIA Nano ITX board. Clean Unmodified install of Win XP SP2 is returning a boot time from BIOS POST test of around 16 seconds to desktop. I'd be interested in anyone elses experience, I`ve also used the 8GB version with similar results in an earlier version of my car PC.

    Cheers Pete

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    I may have overlooked it since its so late but if I have a ssd for the os and apps, and a regular drive for music/movies then do I still get the short bios post or does it wait for the slave drive to spin up? I want faster boot times so i want a ssd for the boot drive, how do i hook up the other drive for media to make booting the quickest?

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    most good BIOSes let you disable spin up wait times.

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    Alright so my last question is, do you think 4 gb is a a big enough drive for iguidance and windows xp without cutting it down in size? Below is a link to a guide for setting windows up to utilize a flash drive without killing it with writes. Sorry if repost but i thought it might help.

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