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Thread: which cut down xp

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    which cut down xp

    i was useng Mini-xp but i can't get blue tooth or wireless to work with it,it says they are there and all enabled ect. but just can't get it to talk to anything,i did read somewhere that it dose not carry all the network files and this causes the problem.

    has anyone had the same problem or a link to a cut down ver. that works these devices.


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    Do a search for Bullet XP. It supports wireless, not sure about Bluetooth, but it has been the least troublesome out of the tin install for me.

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    You could always make a custom version if you have an original Xp disk

    Use N-Lite you can strip out all the things you dont need

    Have a read through this section of the forum and youll find people have already uploaded there cusomised files so you have some idea where to start

    Good luck

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    tinyxp is popular too. a buddy of mine runs that as his main os on his main rig.

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    keep in mind that ANY windows XP you download is illegal, so you never really know what you're downloading. for example, it may have a built-in virus, or come loaded with adware, spyware, malware, etc.). I wouldn't recommend downloading ANY windows XP for legality AND security reasons.

    your best option is to make your own nLite version (use the link in Jonessc's post above). nLite may look intimidating at first but once you try it you'll find it's actually very easy to use. you can keep everything you need, and remove everything you don't need (if you're not sure about anything, then keep it). nLite will make an ISO image, or burn it directly to a CD-R or DVD+/-R for you.

    good luck

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