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Thread: Reduce shutdown time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nola111 View Post
    And I assume there's no difference between 0 vs. 00?
    Yes, you are right

    And I forgot to add, I had the Opus tech guys modify the power supply so it didn't adhere to the USB standardization of power on. I was worried about power drain.

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    make a switch and just cut the guy off. that what I do but then i been letting the system shutdown on its on for about 1 year now and i haven't had a problem. Using EWF and minlogon somehow slow down the shut down time.

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    I use minlogon and EWF and my computer just shuts off. From pulse to off is about 5 seconds if not less. I think it's EWF that does it, because it doesn't need to write anything to the drive upon shutdown.

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