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Thread: Boot Time and Software Questions

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    Boot Time and Software Questions

    Alrighty, so I am new to this and I would like to get my laptop set up to run everything audio in my car. I have a couple questions regarding the software my laptop would run:

    1-Can I boot straight to a program instead of going to windows?
    (would that make a difference in time?)

    2-If so, is there a program I could use that would control my audio, as well as DVDs?

    3-I was planning on throwing my music on an external Hard Drive I had, and plugging that into the laptop- so, if I boot to a program, will the program recognize that w/o Windows?

    Like I said, I'm new to this, and am a little overwhelmed. I'd really like to get this first project under my belt, so any help would be great. Thanks in advance

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    You can set up windows to boot to a shell, like Road runner, and use that to control your music etc.

    There are plenty of threads around that explain it, search for shell, and also have a look at a number of Front ends. A lot of them can do what you want.

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