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Thread: Copy Image a CF

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    Copy Image a CF

    In my adventure to bring up XP on a 4GB Compact Flash card, I ran into the problem of copying an image of my hard drive to the CF card. My copies of Acronis v8 and Power Quest Partition Magic v7 would not see the CF card as a hard drive.

    So I Googled for an open source free image software that would not be so picky about ID bits.

    I found Safeimage at

    This software runs well on XP and I have imaged bootable hard drives and restored them (as a pre test). I have generated on bootable CF card with a NTFS nlite XP SP2 (the hard way; install XP directly to the CF card). I have used Safeimage to image and restore this card.

    I do not consider that I have success yet. My XP CF card runs very slow and is not useable in a CarPC (data transfer is about 2.2MBS and needs to be about 6.5MBS IMHO).

    FYI my CF card is a 4GB Sony NCFC4G labeled as 133x 20MB/s. I am using an IDE to dual CF adapter on a MB from Mini-Box Eite PMI8M Pentium M, with a 1.5GHz Pentium M CPU, and a 1GB of memory.

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