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Thread: what os best for Dell GX150 carpc

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    what os best for Dell GX150 carpc

    my pc is a Dell Optiplex GX 150, whit 1Ghz, 128Mbram(at the moment.....i have 512mb ram in a single module but dosent work , maybe 256MB ).

    I dont know that os to use.
    On the carpc i want to play: mp3, movies(not mutch), navigation(igo or mio maps),car diagnostic, bluetooth(handsfree).
    what os can i use.really dont want to use windows it is unstable and in time it slow.
    Can i run IGO or MIO maps on linux(wine) or if exist other emulator?

    At home use slackware(whit kde interface) and it rock stable.on past have try Mandrake, redhat, suse...but always have return to slackware.i want to try Ubuntu, debian, LinuxICE.
    The software support(rpm,deb,) for those os is biger than for slack
    LinuxICE have support for my board?
    Witch os is best for my pc?(drivers suport, stable,fast boot, and maps support?)
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    While sorry to say but most of the community use Windows (in comparison to the mac+ linux users that is)

    Most of the good front ends and support software are designed to run on Windows

    with the right setup, and a heavy stripped version of Windows designed to run a carpc, Windows does the job really well, a good setup could take less than 700mb of hard drive and less than 60mb ram (without loading all the software obvioursly)
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    thank for reply!
    what settings need to make for windows to run on those parameters?
    i want to make some test to find the perfect configuration/os for car pc.
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