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Thread: Vista readyboost?

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    Vista readyboost?

    I just got my new HTPC and it came preloaded with vista. I'm reading and searching to get familiar with the new OS. While it was a PITA to begin with, as I hack at it, it's becoming more friendly (haven't run into driver or programs not running issues yet).

    I ran across something called "readyboost". Apparently it uses a USB flash drive to speed startup. Has anyone tried it yet and does it make any ral difference in startup times?

    I guess this also begs the question:

    If it really does speed up boot times, why don't vista computers has flash memory built into the system already?

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    I used it when Vista first came out on a machine I had with only 1GB of RAM. I used an OCZ high speed USB flash drive and it definitely helped, but if you have 2GB of RAM or more I don't think it's all that useful.

    Hybrid drives (small flash storage within a regular HDD) are slowly coming onto the market, mostly with laptops though.
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