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Thread: tiny xp lang problem

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    tiny xp lang problem

    hello all
    first i'm sorry for my lame english :/ i'm trying my best

    ok here is my question,
    i have tinyxp iso file and as i can see,
    it doesn't has "hebrew" (its was removed)
    is there anyway to add Hebrew? (to .iso ofcurse...)
    if i download xp (with heb) and copy heb files to iso file?
    should fix the problem?

    any solution?

    thanks alot.


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    Posting this if anyone else has a similar issue:

    PM me for help

    The result is a torrent, which (not sure if it's technically illegal) contains all language packs for XP through 2003.

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    If you haven't gotten with Phatsacks yet, it's pretty much impossible to add languages to tinyXP because of they way is was stripped. Very quick, but you can't really modify the OS much anymore...
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    The compiled packs I'm referring to should work. I'll load it up in VMware before passing out wrong information, and update this weekend.

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