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Thread: Windows Resume Loader

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    i have a partial solution..

    at work, we got forced to start loading camera DVR's with win7 instead of xp--because our suppliers ran out of new xp discs... many of the locations that we installed DVRs have power outages that cause the dvr to reboot(even with a UPS installed). with win7, it always asks if you want to load the repair files. another tech at work came up with this batch file-- just run this on your win7 machine, and it will disable the pc from asking to run the repair tools-- like how xp runs..

    i don't know for sure if this would work with the hibernation issue your having, but i feel that there is a pretty good chance it is controlled by the same registry setting.. being that both the reboot issue that i had problems with and the hibernate issue your having problems with didn't exist until win7..

    this is what is contained in the file(so in case it were to get modified by someone, i am not at fault ):
    bcdedit /set {default} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures
    the pause is so that you can see that it was successful in changing the registry setting..

    i had to upload the file using a ".txt" ending. just change it to ".bat" and you should be able to run it
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    It seems that's a common issue for all carpc owner.. (me too)
    I hate to plug in the keyboard every time this happen (this mean to dismount half system)

    Soundman, I'll try to follow your instructions..
    I hope windows will automatically delete corrupted
    image and continue with a new startup sequence.. if not i guess the system will freeze trying to
    load a corrupted image without any type of Halt procedure..

    In the meanwhile i thought to share other suggestions: (theoretic)

    [ USB KEY ]
    - set BIOS Boot priority to: 1-USB 2-HD
    - Create a bootable usb key (there are many utility which can do that)
    - edit autoexec.bat or config.sys and add a command to delete hiberfile.sys
    (ex: del hiberfile.sys for autoexec or shell=C:\del hiberfile.sys for config.sys)
    - usb key should delete hibernation file then prompt for input
    - reboot system with the reset button
    - Now windows should load normally

    as we can edit BOOT.INI with it's "default choice" and "timeout" key we should try to edit the WINDOWS RESUME LOADER menu adding a 'default choice' with a timeout of 10seconds or less..
    the question is: what's the file of Windows resume menu? winresume.exe, winresume.mui etc..?

    If carpc create corrupted image cause hd shocks in car..
    I thought to save hibernation file on a more stable usb key but...
    about this i read it's nearly impossible to tell pc to store hiberfile.sys on any other path except the drive where windows is located.
    In this case maybe installing win7 on a usb key...
    ( i got usb 3.0 and i can tell for sure that in general it's really fast)

    waiting for other suggestions or solutions..

    p.s. sorry for my bad english..

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