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Thread: improve your computer's performance in Windows7

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    improve your computer's performance in Windows7

    And you thought you already ran out of tweaking options? In AutoRuns, there are over 250 processes that can be tweaked to speed up your boot time. AutoRuns works on Windows XP and higher.

    It's a great tool that may cut your start up time in half when used wisely. If you don't take much notice of your software installation processes, chances are that you have a long list of un-used programs loading in to memory once Windows starts up. With this fantastic program, you can see what they are and do something about it.

    Of course, there are other ways to access the start-up list, for example through the registry, but this software gives you a little more security knowing that you won't bring the computer to its knees with no way back.

    *word of caution to nonIT professionals: before fine tuning any adjustments, be sure to take a screen shot of each open tab in AutoRuns. This way, you will know what to do to quickly reverse the changes.

    Version: 9.38 Size: 564KB
    Works on: Windows
    Download AutoRuns here, and tweak wisely

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    Oh Wow, this is a great tool.... I think im going to try it. I dont think I will have much, i was very anal about my install to keep it fast. It would be cool to see if I missed anything.

    So how is W7 working out for you?
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    It works better than I expected and it's a keeper. you can get a glimpse of the added screen shots that I posted a minute ago in my carPC build.

    Better yet, before microsoft decides to stop the Beta trial, download the OS from the links provided in post #54 of the build below. Enjoy!

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    wow, it' really cool! My computer runs very slow resently , and i am really fed up with it sometimes. i think i need this tool to speed up my computer.

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