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Thread: Tiny7 - Hybrid Sleep not available

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Dejan_ View Post
    Im not try your solution but I have one question. What happen after 30min? It turn on pc from sleep and then go to hibernate? Does turn on screen too?
    To be honest I'm not sure about the exact procedure. I assume it turns on just enough to dump memory to disk and hibernate. I've never actually sat at the screen while it did this. I only know it works because anytime I return to my car before 30 minutes, it comes up immediately without boot. When I return to my car after about 30 minutes, it boots up and starts resuming windows from hibernate. Perhaps it relies on a wake timer to notify when it's time to wake up and hibernate. So if these are disabled perhaps it won't work.

    If I can get to it when it transitions I'll let you know my observations.

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    *sigh* Ok, so Hybrid Sleep does not become available on my setup even with a full install of Win7. I suspect ACPI driver issues but still don't see what else beyond S3 and Hibernate that could possibly be required.

    Anyway, thanks for the help/suggestions in this thread people. I am going back to XP + HORM/EWF for now.

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