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Thread: HORM configured, still want hibernating.

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    HORM configured, still want hibernating.

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has been able to do this. What I want, is to leave HORM set up, but instead of shutting down the computer, be able to hibernate like normal (without modifying the HORM file) and resume on startup. This way the Carpc can stay in Hibernation until the PSU notices the battery going flat, and hard cut off with the safety of HORM. Anyone done this?

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    When the PC is in hibernation, it draws no power.
    You configure Windoze to hibernate on the press of the power button, and voila. You have what you want.
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    How about the Wiki?

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    So why is hibernation faster than HORM atm? I've configured HORM off now, and looking into getting 256mb ram this weekend instead of the 1Gig currently in there. Hopefully that will still be enough to do everything without lagging.


    Ended up setting the CARPC to hibernate on power off. I thought hibernation does still draw power, HORN doesn't. If you cut the power to the pc, it'll cold boot not hibernate.....

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    Damn, was thinking of hybrid. Looks like i gotta pull the drivers seat out of the car again, and change the jumpers on the M2 to cut power after 1min again lol.

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    It seems HORM was creating the hibernation file, but not actually resuming from it.... Now to work out the probelm with that.

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