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Thread: Windows Aero sucks.. :(

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    Windows Aero sucks.. :(

    For several bug / incompatibilities, we are forced to use Windows Aero.

    But Aero itself has more incompatibilities and problems with way more software/hardware,
    but mainly it's problematic with intensive solutions (3D, video, highend imaging etc).

    Those USB monitors are ideal for high end situations, but aero is just not done!
    It uses too many resources and causes problems.

    Can you please take care of the Aero requirement?

    I'd tried it for quite some time, and Aero simply doesn't function!
    So it's either having major problems, many of them, or not use Aero and have no problems beside the usb monitor.

    The choice is easy, no USB monitor, but I bet that is not what is intended.
    Please fix this long known bug!

    Thank you.

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    what are you talking about, Aero rocks! love it...
    if your hardware is incompatable, just turn it off... no biggie
    not really usefull in a carpc anyway...

    Right click the Desktop
    Click Personalize
    Under 'Basic and High Contrast Themes, click 'Windows 7 Basic'

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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