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Thread: Win7 installed to USB Stick

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    Quote Originally Posted by kegobeer View Post
    Free it may be, but how many carpc front-ends are there for Linux? And Linux is easy? I beg to differ...
    Two (Maybe Three?), and yes it is easy. My grandmother learned Linux, and she's never used a computer before. She tried Windows 7, and got annoyed with it. Linux "just worked". But that's a desktop, not a carpc

    There are a GREAT many threads on that topic, search for them, but the general gist is that Linux isn't a viable option for a carpc for the normal user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by malcom2073 View Post
    There are a GREAT many threads on that topic, search for them, but the general gist is that Linux isn't a viable option for a carpc for the normal user.
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    Hmm, yeah I guess you're right. After all, you WERE born knowing Windows and can't learn anything else.... (and understand that I'm joking here, so don't go all "Flame On" on me now).
    I'm just sayin', it's an option and one that I personally think should at least be on the table. I'm not a Linux pusher (I'm personally running Win 7.... with Linux VM's ) but if there is a cost concern in buying a new HD (I think $60 was balked at), then a license for Windows just might be a little cost prohibitive too.
    Anyhow, I believe Centrafuse has a Beta out for Linux at the moment and as far as "learning difficulty" goes, some of the newer Ubuntu distro's act very "Windows'ish". It's not all command-line anymore... and don't forget Compiz for cryin' out loud! (check out that video in the "Compiz" link and try to tell me you don't want that for a Carputer front-end)

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    Win xp win7 vista have been booted from flash drives before.Car manufacturer LOTUS have experimented with flash drives using WIN7 in their multimedia systems. You can make a usb flash drive emulate a hdd in the bios(plus other settings). However, they are slow performers when it comes to writing small and large data so it will slow down or freeze and becomes unstable. You would need a flash drive that has very fast read/write speeds which would be exspensive anyway. An SSD is the best option
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