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Thread: What windows would you use?

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    What windows would you use?

    Hi All,

    I've got an Intel DG945GSEJT motherboard - Atom N270 1.6 Processor - 1GHz Ram running in a voom pc.

    I've already bought CF3.6, and im planning running bluetooth for car kit, itunes and sat nav - thats all at the moment.

    I currently have XP pro SP3 installed, but I'm wondering if I should be using win7 or anything else.... I really want it completely stripped out so it loads really quickly...

    What would you suggest?

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    I would stick with whats installed now XPsp3. maybe SSD as well. SNO

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    I agree with my fellow Keswickian. Now, I dont use CF as I am a Riderunner kinda guy. Just from my personal experience, thing is, the compatibilty really comes into play. My test system is Win7 based, but the production car PCs are xp based. From UAC rights, security, plug in support, 3rd party software compatibilty xP wins every time. Speed wise I dont see a difference.
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    Maybe if you had a larger amount of RAM installed Win7 64 bit but as you describe, XP SP3.

    The smart alec answer would be Clear wind0ws if you want to see and tinted for daylight
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    Windows 7, all the way. The current crop of mini-itx boards are designed not with XP in mind, but 7. Windows 7 is faster, more reliable, and is a much better operating system than XP. I have that motherboard, along with several other Intel Atom boards (and a Fusion board as well), and Windows 7 runs great on all of them.

    I'm not certain what kinds of problems you've had with 7, but I have no issues with UAC, compatibility, security, plug-in support (exactly what kind of OS plug-ins are you running?), or anything else for that matter.
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