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Thread: Extend WinXP security updates!

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    Extend WinXP security updates!

    I have found a little reg hack to get security updates for XP, Support ended this April for XP but with this reg hack you can get security updates for XP. It tricks XP into thinking it's the embedded pos 2009 version which has support till April 2019. Save in notepad as a txt file and then rename the extension to .reg run it and get your security updates.



    Hope this helps SNO

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    That's pretty cool!

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    Sticking it in notepad as it is above didn't work.

    So I exported a similar key, edited it and then re-imported.

    Just wonder if it has any side effects. hmmmm?

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    Try this.
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    I just add a new key and then edited the the dword. works like a charm tried before and no updates found after reg edit found 4 updates 2 related to pos but 2 more related to .net. Works on all my XP boxes. SNO

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