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Thread: Make Ghost Image in Virtual PC.....

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    Make Ghost Image in Virtual PC.....

    Does anyone know if its possible to install norton ghost 9 on virtual PC [this PC is my desktop PC], make a "backup image" then restore it to my carPC.

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    The Virtual PC will have different hardware drivers and such then your car pc, so the image won't work without a lot of special effort.
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    no cannot work

    Hi All I an new to the board.

    The answer is no
    I have tried to Create a Virtual PC and then tried to load an Image I have and in Dos Mode the PC would not read the Partition.

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    I think you could better make an unattended installation.
    It will cost more time but can be expanded with extra software easily.

    How to make your own

    Install apps automaticly after install winxp

    site will help you install apps silently.

    Right now I'm deploying my own.. testing it with virtual pc.
    Have to say it's quiet easy!!

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