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Thread: PLEASE HELP, FREAKIN HOTLLAMA, can't get it to go away

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    PLEASE HELP, FREAKIN HOTLLAMA, can't get it to go away

    I installed something apparently that came with HotLlama media player, I think with one of the power DVD's I installed, but I uninstalled all of them, and it won't go away. Every time I stick a DVD in, it automatically wants to install it. And if I do the install, it will pop up every time I stick a DVD in, and I don't want that. Does anyone know what registry to remove this thing from, or how to make it dissapear from my life. Its driving me up the wall. I have done every search to find it on the computer, and searched the names of the files that came up in the task manager to find it, but nothing. I don't know much about registries, and need help bad.
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    you sure it came with the media player because a lot of DVD's come with some random software (forget what it's called) that is set for autorun every time you put the disc in (if you've got autorun on that is). what is the name of the software that keeps running when you put the disc in?

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    Try different discs too, it's an easy way to figure out if the software that's trying to install is on your system or on the disk. Eg, if you've been 'testing' this with the same movie over and over again....

    If it IS the disk, just disable autorun for the drive.
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