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Thread: MP3Car mentioned on MSDN blog!!!

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    MP3Car mentioned on MSDN blog!!!

    Hey guys, I'm posting this on both sites because I think it's pretty cool that what we do is seen in such a good light from MSFT engineers...

    I guess it's more relevant to us MP3Car people since it's about "embedding" XP, but it wouldn't be possible without nuhi's outstanding work. When I posted my EWF and MinLogon hacks last year I was worried that MSFT might send their storm troopers to remove them from this site and, but so far it's been posted on 2 MSDN blogs with positive comments. See, they're not the evil demons some people try to make them out to be!!!

    I think it would be really cool if they made a hobbyist XPe version.

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    Thats really cool! I wouldn't mind paying for an hobbyist XPe version either.
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    My favorite part: "Here’s a few more threads if you're interested in a few of "
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    Damn that pesky .org...argh!


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    You all may enjoy the goodness of! Yippe!

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