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Thread: Divx on Epia Boards, other answers

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    Divx on Epia Boards, other answers

    Hey guys. Well in my experience with carpc's, i've learned a lot of things that probably could have taken less time if I had prior knowledge. I'm trying to make this thread to point out any little software tips you might know that don't have their own thread already.

    I'll kick it off, if you're using an Epia Board, divx movies are probably slow with the newest codec from divx. A little something I found was to go to and download divx codec 5.0.5. It runs the best, and you can easily adjust the quality settings, even easier than the newest release.
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    You should give FFDshow a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fonseca
    You should give FFDshow a try.
    Solved my problems
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