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Thread: Partitions: Good or Bad?

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    I've never heard anyone actually suggest running multiple drives as a single stripe partition as RPM did. Same goes for suggesting that someone buys another drive rather than just partitioning their current one.

    Not very smart or economical if you ask me. Stick to partitioning what you got. No need to backup/rename folders to reformat. No loss of data if the OS takes a dump.

    I agree that partitions only help not hinder. To reply to the question about running out of space on a partition - just plan ahead for it. It's cheaper to buy one larger hard drive, than two smaller equal capacity hard drives (in most cases).

    Partitions also help with organization. Have one for installed programs, have one for music/media, have one for a dropbox, and one for backup/data. It's easier to sort and find your files with a nice partitioned drive.

    Believe me when I say it saves your day when you need to reformat your machine and only have to format/reinstall your programs. I don't want to sit there and reload 100 gigs of media backup DVDs onto my drive each time I reformat....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPM_VR4
    How do you figure?
    Usualy with a calculator.

    1) How do they help? The only use is if you like to re-format all the time. This is no longer necessary in todays PC world. You can do just as clean an install by renaming some directories before booting from CD.
    And doing that you still have clutter from your previous install sitting around. I always format when I reload Windows. Is it necessary? Probably not, but it adds to my comfort level.

    2) They totally hinder. If you make your boot partition too small it might fill up due to crappy programs that will only work off the boot-drive (large "common files" and such). If you make it to big then you have less room on your "media" partition for if your collection grows.
    You have a very good point. For a boot partition, you should certainly make enough space available to install apps and whatnot, I agree. A 20GB partition is more than enough for Windows, Office, and just about all the apps you'd need on an XP machine.
    Of course, apps can also be installed to another drive or partition, as well.I have all my games running off a different drive than my boot drive, for example.

    I don't see any reason to run multiple partitions. In fact, if you have more than one extra HDD in your PC, I recommend running both secondary drives as a single striped partition (the only drawback is that if either of your drives total crash, all the data is gone... but a total HDD failure is very rare in my experience).
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    On the carputer: One partition for OS/apps, another for media. Striping has no place on a carpc.

    Besides, striping data across multiple drives is doesn't buy you any real performance increase and puts your data at much greater risk. On a desktop you'd make sure you weren't just striping, but would create a RAID5. Anything else to do with simple striping is just foolish.

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    I find that,splitting a hard drive in two, loading one partition with EVERYTHING you need, and have the second partition be a ghost image of the first.. if "something bad happens"... then you can boot up, restore the image, and you're off to the races...

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    My 80gb disk is partionned too:

    C: OS, hardware related apps (nero, pctv...), cro$soft apps, and usually, big apps like delphi7

    D: A Games folder for games, and a Program files for every other programs

    E: OS backups, Drivers, and Archives

    F: MP3, Filmz... defra'd only when I use it for video editing

    C: 4 GB, D: 6 GB, E: 20 GB, F: 40 GB.

    Running win98se so a reinstall twice a year.
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    partition magic can screw up......, I've lost a system to it once, & although it is a great tool don't get the false sense of security that it is foolproof..... backing up before changing partitions around is always recomended.... I didn't believe it until it happened to me.....

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    I learned the hardway when a f@#$up on my part caused me to reinstall everything. In the garage. In Januaray. In Wisconsin. Not fun loading all those mp3's and freezing my *** off.

    Created a 4gig partition for nlited xp only. Used the remaining 76ish gigs for GPS maps, video, audio, etc. Saved me a few times now from starting from scratch.

    and my pc resumes from hibernation and is playing music in about 7 secs.

    Biostar M7NCG 400 ver 7.2 AMD Mobile Athlon 1.1GHz (@ 1GHz), Kingston PC2700 512mb WD 80gig HD Custom Case Opus 150W PS Lilliput 7" TS D-Link DBT-120 BT D-Link DWL-G122 WiFi Holux GR-231 GPS nLited XP Pro iGuidance RoadRunner frontend

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    ...or you could just use a cheap 10GB laptop drive for your system drive and an easily removable USB drive for your media. Partitioning sucks Plus, if a drive goes bad you usually lose all partitions on it. Plus there is no need to format in order to re-install XP.

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    I'll have a 4gb CF card for xp / apps and gps software and maps.
    and a 120GB usb drive for media files.

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