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Thread: Does nLite acutally imporve boot speed?

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    Does nLite acutally imporve boot speed?

    I've been researching here for sometime now, it seems there is a very mixed opinion about using nLite to slim down XP. I know it can reduce the footprint of XP but at the same time could create some problem with other software.

    Since I am using regular HDD so space is no issue. What I am mainly interest in is fast boot/resume time. How much can I benefit from a slim down XP? How much benefical when comparing to other tweaks such as disabling un-needed services, prefetch, and minlogon? I am trying to weight and see if it's worth it to do nLite or not.

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    Because your not working with space limitations Nlite is probably not for you. nLite was used to help us slim down XP in order for it to fit on solid state media. Then began finding out performance benefits while slimming the OS. You could probably achieve the same benefits by disabling unwanted services,running bootvis and adding minlogon + ewf (xp embedded components).
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    Thanks for confirming that.

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    i stripped xplite, and i found the boot time to be loads and loads better.

    try it, nothing to lose, just dont strip anything out that u have to think about,
    all i did was remove the things i knew i was never going to use.

    printers etc. space wasnt an issue for me either, boot times were my aim, and it done a great job.

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