Hello all,

Here's the situation: I have 2 2,5" HDD's in my CarPC. A 40GB and a 80GB drive. (I added the 80GB because I wanted to have all my MP3's in the car not just a part)

I have my all my albums on the 80GB drive and am putting some various songs on the 40GB drive. What I now want is for them to show up as being in 1 directory in RoadRunner. Now i tried the BROWSE.RRL approach but wasn't quite happy with the results/functioning (maybe i did something wrong there?). So i decided to see what windows can do for me and fired up firefox and started searching google for this subject. Now i came across the windows support website pointing me to junction/reparse points for the NTFS filesystem:

link: http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;205524

With this you can link a folder on 1 drive to a folder or even a volume on another drive. I found a program which can do this here:

link: http://www.rekenwonder.com/linkmagic.htm

Now this leads me to the following question: Are there people on here that have experience with this sort of thing and that can tell me what possible side effects or even problems i can experience. Or am i the first (would be hard to believe) on this forum to give this a shot for this specific goal?

All tips/advice are welcome.