I've just done the minlogon and EWF and have take a 2 minute boot time down to about 15 seconds, which is amazing! Thanks to all the people that posted advice in other threads on minlogon, EWF and HORM.

I have a problem. once I did the HORM setup and hibernated to save the boot image, when it botts now some menus and the desktop are snowy as if the HORM image does not have all the correct data. Has anyone encounter this problem? I've tried doing the HORM setup a few times and each time the corrupt menus are on different applications. The only apps that I am using are RR and MM. The best I can get it is to have a few corrupt menu options on MM while RR is perfect.

I've installed RR, MM, Winamp and a few other things on my D: partition, which I think is not EWF protected. But I'm not sure if D: is protercted or not, I only want C: protected. I did not dismount the D: when I did the HORM hibernate, because I could not find an app to do the dismount. There is some C++ code on the MSDN website to do dismounts but I don't fell up to writing this advanced stuff. Did anyone find a way to dismount a partition while running apps from that drive?