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Thread: system pauses

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    system pauses

    Hey all-

    setup: [mkII1200/512/2.5-100gb/ntfs/Road Runner/800x600/xenarc700tsv/xp pro]

    Just got my system and im psyched.. worked my way through rr, bios tweeks, (800x480 is broken, but 800x600 rox.), and purchased destinator.. anyways, 12hrs in, and im annoyed. my system keeps pausing. its very evident in rr, but it happens globally. i have run completly through the sticky link, but it did not fix my issues. could this be ide cable related? i have a 2.5 hdd, which is converted to a 3.5 mobo. i cant think of anything else that would be causing this problem. Any help is appreciated.

    thanks in advance,


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    got it.. it was a background app.


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    Which one? My M10000 pauses sometimes and I've never known why.
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    it seems that the problem was due to powerstrip. i have killed the process, and havent had an issue since. i have removed it from the startup in registry, and have had no problems after the removal.


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