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Thread: Long time to hibernate???

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    Question Long time to hibernate???

    Dear all!

    I'am having a very annoying issue in my XP system, 256mb ram... most of the times it goes to hibernate in few seconds (2/3), but sometime it takes more than 25/30 seconds, with the windows bar and "hibernating..." message!
    I tried to modify on the registry all "waittokillservice" values to 1 sec. but with no success. Is there any way to suddenly force the hibernation process of the OS and don't care of any application, service or driver???

    Thanks all for any suggestion!

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    how often?

    i occasionally get this. i think it could do with being cold booted once in a while

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    One thing that slows down hibernation on my system is if I'm conencted to the 'net via my bluetooth cellphone. Before it shuts down, it has to kill that connection, which doesn't like being taken down by force.

    I would think that if it's taking longer to write the hibernation file, it's likely you could have had more apps open or more apps that were actively using memory at the time you went to hibernate. There could also have been more processes in progress that need to be killed when Windows hibernates, as well.
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