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Thread: My Tablet Desktop / driving setup

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    My Tablet Desktop / driving setup

    I've been using a tablet laptop in my car since about March and I abso-tively love it! ;]

    I use Road Runner as a front end from time to time but sometimes I just wanna use the OS.

    I took some screenshots of how i have my OS setup. Take a look at the files attached below:
    - desktop.jpg - that is how my desktop looks. notice the huge icons on the bottom of the screen
    - desktopl.jpg - description of all my icons that i need (but dont really use) while driving
    - winamp.jpg - how i setup winamp so when i drive i can easily see what song is playing etc.

    i use road runner when i want to search for a specific song but i do that rarely. for the most part, i just launch winamp (on my huge icon bar thing) and just keep hitting next next next until i find what i want.

    the other tweak i sorta made is that I made my entire desktop single click. if there is a song that i like, instead of double tapping with my tablet pen, i simply click on it once and it'll load.

    the script i have is slick. i have a 1 gig usb drive that always gets mapped to the e:\ drive on my tablet. on that drive, i have a folder called 'newsongs'... on my desktop at home, i copy new songs onto that thumb drive and into that specific folder. in my car, when the tablet is fired up and ready to roll, i simply plug in the usb drive and click on the script and my new songs automatically get copied to the hard drive. i know you can do this with ez sync and a bunch of other things but this was quick and easy for me to setup and write the 1 line script. lol...

    anyway, im open to comments and suggestions. just wanted to show you guys how i have my tablet laptops desktop configured!
    - sh00k
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    My Setup:

    Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

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    Its great to see another tablet user join the community, but I just have to say after 10 years of doing it your way, and another 8 with a front end; you're missing the point of a front end. I'd never go back to a bare desktop, especially with all the features, updates, and support for RR. The front-end unifies, simplifies, and organizes your apps, utilities, and plugins allowing them to work in unison and together to give you a richer more robust system.

    I still use my tablet for many other things - school, work, recreation, etc. but as soon as it goes into one of my cars (same tablet 3 cars)... on with the front-end. I have GPS turn indicators on every screen; RR controls my volume; gammacontrol automatically works to switch day/night skins for both RR and Freedrive; WhereIsMyGPS updates my location via internet; there's standardization for play/ff/rew/next/prev for mp3, internet radio, videos, XM, FM, TV; volume leveling is done in RR mixer so all sources are leveled equal; and the list goes on and on.

    If its an issue with not finding a skin to your liking - make your own. Configuring RR isn't the easiest front-end to work with, but if you want the best and want to use some of its unique features, the learning curve is well worth your time.

    One thing that we have that not many others do is the standby=>hibernation mode for power on/off use which I really like, but reconsider the front-end for sure.
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