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Thread: Beast Xp and RoadRunner?

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    and you use what features for your car pc.


    and were to find 2fastxp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AznRida View Post
    I recommend looking through this. I'm curious about it myself.

    My system is starting in 40 seconds. How'd you get your's so low. I've changed many unneccessary things in bios, deleted prefetch folder contents, and I'm running a 1.4 amd althon with a gig of ram.
    you deleted prefetch files and expected the computer to run faster ... HAHAHA - sorry not flaming you but prefetch files are there to make the computer run faster.

    also can someone please put their brain into gear. someone please tell me why computers run/boot so slowly. two things. DATA PATH and DRIVE SPINDLE SPEED. do some research and get your pc to boot in 5 seconds flat.

    my home pc boots in 30 (mind you i have soo many apps which load at startup it isnt funny). but before i installed everything i was getting preety much instant starts. and i aint using anything fancy.

    if someone wants to learn catch me on msn - blakeburgess[spam]at[morespam]msn[spam]dot[morespam]com

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