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Thread: Eek! Operating system fault!

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    Eek! Operating system fault!

    Whilst trying various different fron ends tonight I booted up my carpc (which has tinyXP on it) and when it logs into windows the screen is plain black with no desktoptaskbar/start menu etc.

    I can do things like ctrl-alt-delete and open up task manager & run explorer.exe etc but ven if I boot in safe mode it still starts up with kind of nothing on the desktop.

    Any ideas what I have managed to sabotage?

    Many thanks for any suggestions!

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    sounds like one of the frontends set itself as your system shell. From safemode your going to have to edit your registry to point back to explorer.exe.

    Perhaps someone else on the site has a quick registry entry you could just import that would do this automatically? Sorry I dont have anything more to help but that.

    I remember this happening to me a LONG time ago when i was booting into a desktop frontend (like LCARS or something) and wanted to switch back to regular windows explorer and they directions showed me how to switch the command to open explorer on boot.

    Hopefully someone else has some more info to elaborate what im trying to say.

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    Thanks for the suggestion mate. I hope someone can elaborate as the registry is something I usually leave well alone for fear of wreaking havoc...

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    check out the info in this FAQ about the registry settings for using frontends as the shell...

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    Cheers for the link mate - I will read and absorb.

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