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Thread: HORM problem

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    HORM problem

    I'm using tinyxp rev04. I've had EWF enabled and working just fine for the past few weeks. Today I took the carputer out of my car, and attempted to enable HORM. I took the following steps:

    1. disconnected my USB drive
    2. disabled EWF
    3. enabled hibernation, created "resmany.dat" in C:\WINDOWS
    4. rebooted
    5. started Road Runner, hibernated

    Now, hibernation worked fine the first time. I was able to come back from hibernation just fine. I then shut down the computer, and turn it back on. After POSTing, I get a black screen saying something along the lines of:

    The last attempt to restart windows from its previous location failed. Attempt to restart?

    and it give me the options:

    Delete system restoration data and proceed to system boot menu


    Continue with system restart

    The first option will make the computer start of like normal. The second will start it from where I had hibernated. Both have EWF enabled after done loading.

    Also, if I go to hibernate again (with ewf enabled and everything), the computer will over write the old and set a new hibernation point.

    I deleted bootstat.dat when I originally set up EWF, and it's never returned.

    I've also repeated this with the same result, and even removed resmany.dat and got the same results then as well.

    I've PMd SFiorito about this, but he doesn't know what the problem could be. Has anyone been able to get HORM working with tinyxp?

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    I have done the exact samething with regular XP Pro SP2 and got the exact same result. Everytime I hibernate is writes a new hiberation point. I have 1GB of RAM and it takes over 90 secs to hibernate which cause my DSATX to hard shutoff, when I reboot the hibernation point as been corrupted. The only way to hiberate is to press the hiberante button in Road Runner. I am stuck with a cold boot until I figure this out.

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    Also, if I go to hibernate again (with ewf enabled and everything), the computer will over write the old and set a new hibernation point.
    this behavior is correct, the hibernation file creation bypasses EWF. after creating resmany.dat you enable EWF and reboot. Then you set your PC to shutdown normally, but it'll resume from hibernation when you start up again.

    Check the registry value in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Session Manager\BootExecute make sure it's empty.

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    So let me make sure I get this,

    Setup for HORM,
    Manually hibernate computer,
    turn on computer, (should start from previous hibernation state),
    set computer to shutdown normally if not set already,
    shutdown computer,
    turn on computer, (should start from the same hibernation state as before).
    and repeat the last to steps each time the computer is turned off, right? No need to every hibernate the computer again unless changes are made, right?

    Do you still need to go though a normal shutdown with EWF and HORM? Or can you just cut the power hard? With EWF does it take any longer to shutdown a computer correctly? Is it faster?


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