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Thread: Reducing Return From Hibernation Time......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nola111 View Post
    I've just finished reading this whole thread and it's great.

    Now let me throw this little bit of info out to all of you which really begs the question of whether RAM/HD matters so much, and whether software can't make a difference:

    I have a dual-boot PC: Vista on one partition, XP on the other. Both on the same physical harddrive though. This is on a laptop, FYI.

    Resume from hibernate running XP = 50-55 seconds

    Resume from hibernate running Vista = 10 - 15 seconds

    This test was run with NO APPLICATIONS RUNNING on either OS... just the desktop view.

    This is on the SAME PC folks. All my hardware, including USB periphs, is identical regardless of which OS I'm running. Same RAM, same HDD, same everything.

    Obviously Vista is doing something different behind the scenes to create such a significant reduction in hibernation resume time.

    Until I can figure out what that is, I can't possibly believe that RAM size and HDD speed have nearly as much bearing on the resume speed as many here seem to think.

    Any thoughts?
    That is good, of the most popular front ends, Road Runner, does not work on Vista. And from what I have heard, Vista will not be suported in RR any tme soon.

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    The point of my post was not to toot Vista's horn. The reason I even have an XP partition is because most front-ends don't work on Vista. That's why I posted. I MUST figure out how to make XP resume faster or I'm going to go nuts with this 1 minute BS. My post was to illustrate that hardware could very well have little to do with resume time, and further continues to ask for insight and help from the experts to get XP to do whatever it is Vista is doing to resume so fast.

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    bit torrent has a slimmed down version of windows XP for us carPC guys. 4u2nv on the mazda6club is sending me a copy and he is running his XP @ 17 secondsish. Standard XP is 1gb+ of space and bull poop youll never use.
    the one hes sending me is 400mb of necessesities and a few other programs.

    if your to lazy someone already mention managing you msconfig so only the necesities are loading up.
    go to start>run>msconfig & only have the necesities clicked.

    just a thought.
    not to mention your hardware is a huge component in this.
    an IDE 7200rpm HD will load slower than a SATA 7200rpm HD.
    also RAM could help boot speed, and if your running 512 mb SDram @ 100mhz vs 512mb of DDR2 ram, the SDram may be a bit slower.
    it all adds up.
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    I thought i would post this for Windows 7 users.

    Instead of removing memory you set the percentage of the file size

    i.e. if you have 2gigs of memory but only consistantly use less than 1gig of physical memory type:

    powercfg.exe -h -size 50

    (50 being the percentage of total)

    This will make the hibernate file 1/2 the total physical memory which should speed up resume from hibernate times.

    I havent fully tested this yet and i am would be interested in others experience with this
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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