I'm starting a set of documents that list the requirements for OSDash components. While this is the server document, there will also be a client document. This will allow us to define and track the requirements for software that is OSDash compliant.

Below are draft requirements. I thought this stuff up on my own, so some of it may not make any sense. The idea is we settle on some high level requirements, then flesh them out in more detail as we build until we have a set of requirements that define the project.

Feel free to suggest additions, question a requirement, or generally taunt me for including or forgetting something.

OSDash Server Requirements - Draft 2/1/2010

1. Create
1.1 Create files
1.2 Create folders

2. Read
2.1 Read data
2.1.1 Read data from authenticated user account
2.1.2 Read data from user files

3. Update
9.1 Update user
9.1.1 Update user data files
9.1.2 Update user account data
9.1.3 Update user folders

4. Delete
4.1 Delete user
4.1.1 Delete user account data files
4.1.2 Delete user account data
5. Register
5.1 Register OSDash services
5.1.1 Register OSDash service locations (URLs)
5.2 Register OSDash clients

6. Advertise
6.1 Advertise OSDash web services

7. Authenticate
7.1 Authenticate user
7.1.1 Authenticate user to server
7.2 Authenticate client
7.2.1 Authenticate client to server

9. Point
9.1 Point to OSDash web service locations

10. Queue
10.1 Queue client
10.1.1 Queue client requests
10.2 Queue web services
10.2.1 Queue web services requests

11. Provide
11.1 Provide status
11.1.1 Provide status of session