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Thread: Proposed Web Service: Online Playlist Management

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    So this would just be a basic sync service around a SMIL file? And you are not envisioning the case where the user would create the playlist online (which would require the server to know about the media contents of the carpc)? The story that this service covers is you create a playlist locally via whatever software you have to create playlists, and just sync it to the carpc?

    If I'm correct in my understanding, this could work. I'd personally like to see server awareness of the media contents happen so I can edit/create playlists from wherever. But yeah, that requires the server to know the title (possibly artist, album, genre, etc) and the path of every song which is constly in BW.

    However, we could handle transferring of data in a BW efficient sort of way. For example, sending up a bzipped/gzipped/7zipped bytearray instead of a stringlist... Just thinking out loud.
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    well yea and no.... assuming 100,000 songs, 100 characters per relative path, 400chars for album, artist and title...thats 48MB...using 7zip compression thats probably around 24MB which is doable. While yes that may seem like more then the average user the bigger issue is going to be storage. There aren't too many easy ways to store millions of records server-side in a way thats fast to work with.

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