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Thread: cAVe Live

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatwhite View Post
    Great FE!

    I really like the graphic styles.

    Few issues though:

    ************************************************** ******************
    *Nevermind, figured out what I was doing wrong! *

    1. Won't save my music folder location. I've defined it in the ini and through setup. I have to navigate to it everytime I open the program. I should be able to define a folder and have it load up every song in there at once if I wish. Not everyone uses playlists, I load my entire library and just let the program "shuffle" though the songs. Playlists are just a PITA to me.......
    ************************************************** **********************
    Only XP-Support, if configured your mediapath and goes out of setup with "save" button it must be saved in ini...never heard that it will not save right mediapath...
    The other thing about playlist: If you hear a track , you can push it directly to a standart playlist, cAVe create if no playlist is opened first. So the favourits songs you while driving you push by one click. And loading in audioplayer is easy,too. Also you can edit a playlist in editor by click a file or hold >2sec on a folder to push hole folder in opened playlist...if you want to add folder with subfolder you must set in setup. Its so easy and fast to work with cAVe-Playlists....To imagine: In Audioplayer hold on a folder >2 sec will go in folder to deepest subfolder ,first track and play it....there are so many hide functions in cAVe ......i think a manual must be written...but where is the time to do...?

    2. HD radio support
    This is a MUST for NA use. Almost everyone is using Mitchjs's app ( or soon will be, for Radio. *kind of sorted. I can embed it with the ext app button, but a propper dll or at least radio button would be best.*
    We cannot develop each radio on market new. Our project is a frontend, but if this radio is designed as radiator-plugin-dll also , cAVe will support this. In other case if you have a usable radio-dll so we can have a look on it,too.

    ************************************************** **********************
    *sorted, thanks to SuperJ and Bluesscreen great writeup. Don't know what I was thinking*

    3. Most annoying of all, cave mutes the main volume and turns it down to "0" on the system volume everytime it starts! The mute button in cave will un-mute the main volume, but you must open the mixer or system tray app to turn it back up again! This can't be the way it's supposed to work!
    ************************************************** **********************
    On cAVe-Forum is a english section with FAQ-Thread about Mixer-IDs

    4. Visualizations.
    Well, what can I say. The bar meter is nice and all, but I like to be able to scroll though the visualizations. I would seriously consider adding them back in if the speed issues could be worked out.
    Its not the speed, its the cpu-usage which becomes high level. The WinAmpVis with plugins are input through a codegate that has the job to make WinAmpPlugins capable to our soundengine. And this gate is complicate and needs much recources. The WinAmpVis itself needs also much recources. And if in setup the Vis we could make disable, so you dont see Vis but because of gate the cpu-level is also higher than must be. The only solution is to enable/disable in setup and we must have two lines starting cAVe. With and without this gate. We need time to do. So there are people with lower carpc and they must have the possibility to use cAVe on lowlevel CPU.

    5. Shuffle.
    There doesn't seem to be a "shuffle" option for songs. There is a "repeat" option but no shuffle. This is a near essential for those with large collections and want to listen to a nice variety of their music. Is there no shuffle option or am I just missing it?
    We have no Shuffle but a "Mix-List" option. Select first a folder , then on search-button --> all files of folder within subfolder were list, next you can click as much you like on Mix-button , if its ok then click first track, these list is now rembered as new playinglist. So its no problem to get 10000 tracks in 10 seconds and mix the listposition....try out !

    ************************************************** **********************
    *nevermind, it wasn't doing it, now it is. *

    6. Is there an option to highlight or display the song being played in the audio list? Having to scroll through the while list to see the song playing (indicated by the small play icon) is a pita. I know the song is displayed at the tp of the page, but sometimes I may want to paly a song by the same artist that may be next to the song being played.
    Yes we only have only playing-icon but this is normaly no problem. For example, if you play a track and then you navigate through list , or search or whatelse then if you click not a track in these view list, you come back to actual playinglist over i-button.

    *sorted. IG4 embeds just fine when defined properly*
    7.IGuidance 4 (Most popular NA GPS program) works just fine with cave, as long as you get the program file name correct in the setup utility.

    ************************************************** **********************
    yes and so you can set a start.exe if an app starts with special exe and set main.exe (most the same) which will be window-captured if started. Also start-options if your app have the possibility..and Max-option if app should be borderless and maximized start in cAVe.

    8. English support
    Forums, program, apps! I know it's not your native tongue and your english is way better than my german, but more support in english would really help your FE "take off". I was a little lost in the config program until I dropped in the english exe into the root folder. Worked great, but some things are still a little unclear. Error messages in german are kind of confusing too.
    Which things are unclear if you set in scrolllist to english language ? We have all languages put in a file outside like english.lng or german.lng and there you can edit after the "=" to your own words you like. We have made it outside to easy have support for all languages but ourself we do not the support, the user should edit the files...for example the russian people look in english.lng , translate to russian and put their own text in russian.lng.

    In all fairness, I've only been messing with the program for about an hour or two, so many of the issues may be in my settings.

    All in all, a great FE in the making. Very well turned out for a "young" program.

    Congratulations on a very slick interface!
    .... at last, if have a question, you can also write in cAVe-english forum for better support, because its much work to look in the evening in 5 different forums...

    regards, bluescreen

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperJ View Post
    Great White, what hardware are you using for HD radio reception? That's on my list of things to buy this week. Do you know of any similar satellite radio apps that can be embedded into CaveLive?
    Visteon with mitchjs's cable.

    I haven't actually tried cave in the car yet, just on my laptop. I'll try it in the car soon.
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    cAVe V2.1 Edition

    try out !

    cAVe Forum

    Please download full package V2.1 and then actual cAVe-Fix !

    regards, bluescreen

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    I love this front-end, very impressive. I hope to see MCE IR remote in the future. That is for the people who don't have touch screen panel like me. Congrats.

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    cAVe V2.2 out ! Last Update today (06.03.2008)

    More Infos at Info und Download

    much fun and please : some feedback in cAVe-forum will be nice....

    regards, bluescreen

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    cAVe V2.25 is out !

    cAVe V2.25

    Much fun !

    regards, bluescreen

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    I didn't even have time to set-up the old version

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    Your program is awesome...however, since v2.2 i've had issues with flickering of the clock and the audio progress bar while playing back music. Also i've been wanting to know how to use a different video engine to play .avi files. I have a transmetta CPU laptop; painfully slow. So it has issues playing video on cave. But i have used ZOOM player with no issues at all.

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    So far a pretty good FE. Just a question though, is there a quick guide for which buttons do what?! Im trying to find GPS for IG3 which is embedded into my system. Thanks for the nice front end though!

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    variant of the Blueage skin

    Nice FE, very slim.
    I made a variant of the Blueage skin for the day, because I seemed too dark. I put some brand of cars, which change in file Day.ini.
    I hope that @ bluescreen25 face other updates.
    RR has spoiled us.
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