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Thread: Let me know what you think about my front end.

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    Let me know what you think about my front end.


    Tell me what you think of my front end. Here are some pics

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    The Mp3, functions work, has auto playlist,multiple source(2nd pic),Photo lib support with slide show and multiple source. Can play music and watch slide show ect (pic 1 and 3). DVD works as well. Working on TV input now. As far as skinable you can make it what you want plus you can goto the settings option and just make changes on the fly. see the last pics. You can make it as complicated as you want or as simple as you want.

    Is this simpler?

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    Are the buttons fixed or can you place them anywhere.

    At the moment it look like you can change the background ad the button border and text colours.

    Can you have pictures for buttons that change when a button is pressed?

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    At this time the buttons are fixed. You can have background images for buttons thus creating your own unique looking buttons however I had to hide the option for cycling throught the background images for the control and system buttons as I did not have room for them on the screen. I will have to create additional pages for this as I would prefer all settings to be done with the touch screen that way you dont have to have a keyboard and mouse ect ect ect. Each button on the settings menu is a cycle button so has you click it the screen changes real time on the fly so you can see what it looks like ect. As for switching to diffrent images when you press a button. The answer is no. However you do get confirmation that you pressed a button when you press it the entire button glosses over the same color as the text from that class. However if your text is transparent because you decide to use a background image instead then you will get no effect.

    Again this is as of now. I hope to finish up my tv support and start fixing up the interface but as far as usability I think it might be on par. But hey you never know.

    Just looking to see what other might think.

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    Looks like it would be really difficult to read in bright light, good project though.
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