Hey guys, I was a die hard winxp user, until I got an old p3 laptop (1ghz, 512mb ram). I decided to throw ubuntu linux on it.

Some background on me, I love to tinker with things....linux is perfect for me! I loaded it up, and started to research how to use ubuntu. I got my thinkpad buttons to work, aswell as the Thinkpad center scrolling button (yay! I read that not too many people have figured it out..i did in 10 minutes!). Anyways, I LOVE ubuntu, so clean, so sleak....

anyways, I had an idea to use linux on a carpc... I saw nghost and linuxice, but thought I would keep looking.,...then I found this: http://www.linpus.com/xampp/webmaste...nux9.4Lite.htm
don't get me wrong linuxice and nghost seem like a better option...but I wanna try something new


Linpus Linux Lite is designed specifically to meet all low-cost PCs and mobile devices requirements

* Running smoothly on a lower grade hardware unit
* Managing power efficiently
* Rich web applications supported
* Built-in networking: Wi-Fi, WiMAX, HSDPA, HSUPA, Ethernet, BT, IR, UPnP
* UI designed specifically for hand-held 4”- 7”screen

Intel x86 compatible
Intel, AMD and VIA at 366MHz and up


Minimum 512 MB (SATA/IDE/SSD) hard disk space required
Optional external storage device to support installation / recovery


Minimum 128 MB RAM required
and, get this:
Supported Peripherals

Peripheral List

Video Acceleration
3D desktop effects, superior media playback performance, dual-head/rotation mode support

USB/ FireWire / Card reader /PCMCIA
Plug-n-play support wide variety of external storage devices

Touch Panel LCD
Innovative user interface design for panels of 7" at 800*480 and up

Native support for all special-purpose storage devices

Power Management
Full support of ACPI functions such as S3 & S4

Both built-in and external USB webcam are supported in applications like video conferencing and still image capturing

3G Network Adapter
Wireless network support – GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSDPA

GPS Receiver
Extensive support of most GPS receivers in the market

Integrated with map applications to provide various location based services

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Extensive support on existing Wi-Fi / Bluetooth devices in the market
Sounds pretty good...haven't loaded it up yet, and might not...but once I get fed up with my slower winxp carpc system (1.2ghz p4mobile, 1gb ram), i might just throw it in!